TallyPrime Server

TallyPrime Server offers powerful data server capabilities over the Gold license. This server-based Data Architecture unleashes greater concurrency, secured data access, and advanced monitoring capabilities. TallyPrime Server is truly an Enterprise Class product that helps fast-growing medium and large businesses improve their business efficiencies.
Tallyprime server

Key Benefits

  • High Concurrency - Logic Fusion
    High Concurrency - Performing operations in a frictionless environment
  • Secured by design - Logic Fusion
    Secured by design - Providing controlled access to data files
  • High Reliability - Logic Fusion
    High Reliability - Minimizing instances of system unavailability
  • Business process optimization - Logic Fusion
    Business Process Optimization - Increased Productivity & Business Performance

Find out if TallyPrime Server is right for your business

Below are some of the indicative scenarios to help you decide the fitment of TallyPrime Server for your business.
  • You are a growing business with 10+ employees performing various operations simultaneously
  • A business where multiple users are connected to the same data and there is a need for an administrator to manage the data access and also monitor the user’s activities

How to Install & Setup TallyPrime Server

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